$100 Per Day Using Google Free 2019


Hello, welcome. Today I am going to reveal a method that can help you generate $100 plus today. It's going to be very quick and straight to the point.

We'll be using google.com and you don't need a list, social media presence or anything as this is all free. If you have access to google you can start doing this today. So, the thing about local businesses owners is that they don't have any idea how to gain a social presence or market online. So, the first step is to download a google chrome extension called keywords everywhere. Just google “keywords everywhere” it is a chrome extension and is free to use and install it.

Your next step is to create a Youtube account. You are going to start doing this for free by just making a quick slide show video with the businesses name, phone and website on the video. Put their business name, phone number and website also in the description as well. Once you have done that you will rank for keywords based on what the business is. Your keywords should be around your title. If you don't know how to find keywords. Just go into google and search something such as “chiropractors in new york” as an example. Google is really powerful and will show relevant keywords. Since you installed keywords everywhere. You will know what words are now being searched just check the cpc, competition etc…whatever is displayed by keywords everywhere.

Before you start the initial call or sending an email to the business. You just have to do a quick research about them such as knowing who the business owner is. How long he has been in his business? Their profession and passion? What the business is all about. This should take you about 30 minutes at minimum to about an hour of your time at most. You get the idea it's pretty much any common sales tactic and a quick research on the local business. An example business we can target, can be chiropractors, dentists etc…

To continue on, you basically will show them your video that you ranked for them on Youtube, and getting them traffic to their site, and their local business. Leads are everything when it comes to a business because without them. The business will eventually shutdown. Businesses need clients, and to get them clients. That's where you come in. You know a little bit about online marketing or something in common about making money online. This is why you were here in the first place right?

You can charge the business to your preference. I would charge at least $250. You can always charge more. When you finally engage with them over the phone, that you will leave the video for them in exchange for a simple amount of your price. This is where you can make them become a client, if you can show them more value and what you can do for them. They will eventually want to meet you in person and have a long term or even become a life time client. From there, they could even tell their business friends and guess what that means? More clients for you and more money for you.

Thank you for your time for reading this. Now go out and take action.


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