5 Things to Avoid as an Affiliate Marketer


This digital world is amazing. It has already created numerous opportunities in such short time and a lot still to offer in the future. Out of the many incredible things that it has produced, affiliate marketing is the one which is fascinating. This is a method of online earning just by promoting other’s products. It is as simple as liking any product, start promoting it and if anyone buys it through your promotion, then you will get your piece from it.

This has become an entirely new industry from which millions of people worldwide are getting benefits and million more are eagerly trying to make their places. But, there are a huge number of those who also gone bankrupt. The reason is that they made some mistakes that led them to total disaster. That is why it is important to know about such things that can destroy your years-long business within a month.



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  • Market it, do not sell it:
  • Target few affiliate programs only:
  • Not reading any trail:
  • Making it as your side business:
  • Not concentrating on a blog or website:
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