Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge Review – DAY 1 RESULTS!

Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge Review Day 1

Welcome, today I'll be reviewing about a passive income challenge called The Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge by Liam James Kay. So what is the goal of challenge? To help you quit your job or earn residual passive income without doing any work once you reach your objective.

So let's get started on November 13th 2018. I started the 30 day challenge. To continue on, not even 24 hours later. I made my first sale with this system. It was through an email list I sent out an email out to. This is to show you that even now. Email marketing is not dead and it still works. If you would like to use the autoresponder I used for email marketing it was Getresponse. You can try it for free for 30 days and after that pick your monthly plan to start building your email list.

To get to the point I made my first sale in less than 24 hours with the program and it made me $47.40. The power of this is that you don't need to have any experience and can start learning to use free or paid traffic methods in the back office of the system provided by Liam James Kay. If you want to get your feet wet and get started to try out the challenge you can watch my short full review about it and how powerful this challenge really is. The Million Dollar Challenge Passive Income – Review Day One.


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